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Foot And Ankle Surgeon - London & Hertfordshire

Mr Shelain Patel
Consultant Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Mr Patel deals in all aspects of adult foot and ankle surgery. He is a founding member of the Stanmore Foot and Ankle Specialists group, and undertakes private practice at:

Princess Grace Hospital

King Edward VII's Hospital

Elstree Waterfront Medical Centre

Spire Bushey

RNOH Private Care

His NHS practice is undertaken at:

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

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Self-Pay and Accepted Insurance Plans

A Wide Range of Coverage

Mr Patel accepts a comprehensive range of fee assured insurance plans (including BUPA, AXA, WPA, Aviva, and Vitality Health) as well as self-pay patients. If you can’t find your provider on the list or don’t have adequate coverage, please get in touch. The office will be happy to give you more information.

















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Flat feet heel pain insoles

Conditions Treated

Mr Patel offers advice and treatment on a broad spectrum of foot and ankle conditions. The commonest conditions discussed below but for please get in touch if you want to know other problems treated.

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A painful bump on the inside of the big toe joint is known as a bunion. It is very common and often runs in families. Treatment is needed if it interferes with wearing shoes or causes big toe pain. Schedule an appointment to discuss the treatment options.

Ankle Sprain

Most twisting injuries of the ankle will lead to a stretch in the lateral ligaments of the ankle. The most frequently injured in the ATFL which is found on the front outer corner of your ankle. Schedule an appointment to see if you may benefit from physiotherapy, immobilisation or surgery.

Achilles Tendon Pain

Swelling at the back of your ankle is usually from an inflammation of your Achilles tendon. Specific exercises and shockwave treatment helps the vast majority of patients. Schedule an appointment to confirm the cause of pain and see if you will benefit from conservative or surgical treatment.

Morton's Neuroma

Pain and numbness in the toes can be caused by a swelling around the nerves supplying the toes. Forefoot overload may generate it in the first place, but once the swelling has set it, treatment by means of insoles, cortisone injections or surgical removal of the nerve may be the only way to resolve it.

Big Toe Arthritis

Global pain and swelling of the big toe may be arthritis. It most commonly happens in an older population but is increasingly affecting younger patients who lead more active lifestyles. Schedule an appointment to see if conservative or surgical options such as resurfacing, decompressive osteotomy or fusion are best suited for you.

Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is the commonest cause of heel pain. Symptoms are worse early in the morning and after prolonged activity. It is mostly precipitated by a 'tight posterior chain' but other causes of heel pain such as stress fractures and tumours should be ruled out to ensure you get the right treatment.

Flat Feet

One in four people have flat feet so it is not necessarily a pathological condition. However it does make walking less efficient which can lead to pain and swelling. Finding the cause will establish whether simple or bespoke insoles are sufficient, or whether in fact flat foot reconstructive surgery is required.

Ankle Arthritis

Most patients know arthritis can affect hips and knees as we get older but few know it also can affect the ankle. Recurrent sprains or fractures can precipitate wear and tear up to many years later due to changes in standing, walking and running. Book a consultation to see if surgery is the long-term answer.

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Patient Experiences

Shelain Patel always appreciates feedback. That is why he's so invested in making sure each patient is satisfied with the treatments and services provided. Take a look at what past visitors have said about Shelain Patel and schedule your appointment today.

Mr Patel has a charming and professional manner that inspires confidence. He is clearly expert in his field. His questioning is to the point. He carefully explains any technical details. The overall impression is of care and desire to help medically to the best of his ability. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Shelain Patel.

Doctify Verified Review

Dr Patel was fantastic. Took the time to explain everything in detail, was very knowledgeable and had a great manner. I would highly recommend.

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Mr Patel was very polite, there was no rush during the appointment and he was very well prepared and aware of my history. He explained things clearly and actively listened to my questions and gave a clear and helpful professional opinion when I asked. I am delighted with the care I have received from Mr Patel.

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If you have a query about foot or ankle problems, get in touch.

Please use the form below to contact my team for private practice enquiries only about foot or ankle conditions and surgery.

30 Devonshire Street, London, W1G 6PU, England

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